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CEO Aaron Skonnard (Plural sight) saying that they where giving free courses in month of April fro techies.

“We at Pluralsight want to make it easier than ever for everyone to invest in themselves in this time of social isolation. As a result, we have made the decision to offer free access to our entire Skills platform. Here are the details: 

For those individuals that have yet to purchase a Pluralsight subscription, we are offering free access to our platform for the entire month of April. For businesses and nonprofits, we are offering extended trials and access to content to help your teams skill up. That means that anyone anywhere can access our entire library of more than 7,000 courses and skill assessments written and taught by the world’s foremost experts in their technology fields. 

Anyone that does not have a current subscription to Pluralsight can take advantage of this offer. No credit card is required to sign up and there will be no obligation beyond April. We want it to be as easy and seamless as possible to help you get started learning the skills that will drive your future forward. You can find all of the details of the offer and how to sign up here

Why are we doing this? The answer is simple: during a time where so many people are uneasy about the future, we want to help. We want to do something to help our users maintain the communities in which we work and live. We want to help anyone that is interested in technology to develop new skills so that when life returns to normal, we can all be ready to build a new, better future. 

Pluralsight has long said that our mission is to democratize technology skills and make a difference in people’s lives. It is our hope that #FreeApril allows us to help more people than ever to learn, improve their skills, and improve their outlook. 

Whether you’re an experienced technologist or just starting on your technology journey, this free access to our entire platform of Pluralsight courses and assessments will help you be prepared to stay ahead of the next wave of innovation. Together, we can all be ready to help build a brighter future. 


So for the month of April, we encourage you to stay home, improve your skills, and do it for free. “


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