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This post will help you to find the useful extensions that you need in your android development.

Checkout the Firebase Extentions | Getting start with the new extensions in Firebase | Firebase beta extensions

Firebase introduced six beta extensions for developers this year.

  • Resize Image
  • Translate Text
  • Sync with Mail Chimp
  • Trigger Email
  • Export collection to BigQuery
  • Shorten Urls

Most of the extensions that can be used in our daily need apps. such as shorten Urls.

Resize Image

Resizes images uploaded to Cloud Storage to a specified size, and optionally keeps or deletes the original image.

When you upload an image file to the specified Cloud Storage bucket, this extension:

  1. Create an image that is resized to the dimensions that you specify.
  2. Name the resized image using the same name as the original uploaded image, but end in the specified width and height.
  3. Store images resized in the same Storage bucket as the original uploaded image.

You can even configure extensions to make images resized from different dimensions for each original image upload. For example, you might want images that are 200×200, 400×400 and 680×680 – this extension can make these three resized images then store them in your bucket.

The extension automatically copies the following metadata, if any, from the original image to the resized image: Cache Control, Content-Disposition, Content-Encoding, Content-Language, Type-Type, and user-provided metadata (except Run the storage storage token ). Note that you can optionally configure the extension to override the Cache Control value for the resized image.

Translate Text

Translates strings written to a Cloud Firestore collection into multiple languages (uses Cloud Translation API).

This extension listens to your specified Cloud Firestore collection. If you add a string to a specified field in any document within that collection, this extension:

  1. Translates the string into your specified target language(s); the source language of the string is automatically detected.
  2. Adds the translation(s) of the string to a separate specified field in the same document.

Sync with Mailchimp

This extension adds the email address of each new user to your specified Mailchimp audience. Also, if the user deletes their user account for your app, this extension removes the user from the Mailchimp audience.

Note: To use this extension, you need to manage your users with Firebase Authentication.

Trigger Email

Use this extension to render and send emails that contain the information from documents added to a specified Cloud Firestore collection.

Adding a document triggers this extension to send an email built from the document’s fields. The document’s top-level fields specify the email sender and recipients, including tocc, and bcc options (each supporting UIDs). The document’s message field specifies the other email elements, like subject line and email body (either plaintext or HTML)

Export Collections to BigQuery

Use this extension to export the documents in a Cloud Firestore collection to BigQuery. Exports are realtime and incremental, so the data in BigQuery is a mirror of your content in Cloud Firestore.

The extension creates and updates a dataset containing the following two BigQuery resources:

  • table of raw data that stores a full change history of the documents within your collection. This table includes a number of metadata fields so that BigQuery can display the current state of your data. The principle metadata fields are timestampdocument_name, and the operation for the document change.
  • view which represents the current state of the data within your collection. It also shows a log of the latest operation for each document (CREATEUPDATE, or IMPORT).

Shorten URLs

Use this extension to create shortened URLs from URLs written to Cloud Firestore. These shortened URLs are useful as display URLs.

This extension listens to your specified Cloud Firestore collection. If you add a URL to a specified field in any document within that collection, this extension:

  1. Shortens the URL.
  2. Saves the shortened URL in a new specified field in the same document.

If the original URL in a document is updated, then the shortened URL will be automatically updated, too.

This extension uses Bitly to shorten URLs, so you’ll need to supply your Bitly access token as part of this extension’s installation. You can generate this access token using Bitly.

Currently extensions are in beta for testing


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