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4 new WhatsApp features aimed at improving user experience, enhancing security

Stop your contacts from adding you to group chats

We all are troubled by irrelevant WhatsApp groups as many of them take a major chunk of phone’s storage with countless images to greet one on a good morning, evening or to convey festival wishes. Some of them are for even less meaningful events that you wouldn’t even care for. WhatsApp has come to your rescue with its new feature of group privacy for stable channel users on both Android and iOS platforms. This small setting under the Privacy tab keeps contacts in your WhatsApp list from adding you to groups without your approval. To enable it, select ‘Groups’ in the Privacy setting where you can choose how would you like to be added to WhatsApp groups.

How to discreetly view your friend’s WhatsApp status

WhatsApp allows you to see each of the Status posts from your contacts and still be able to hide your view on these posts. This interesting feature let you snoop on your friend’s WhatsApp Status posts without them knowing that you have been keeping a watch on what they are posting. Toggle off the ‘Read Receipts’ option in Privacy section in WhatsApp settings to stop people from seeing when you saw their chats, as well as WhatsApp Statuses.

How to share your status as a Facebook story

WhatsApp has recently launched a new feature for its users that allows them to share their statuses directly to Facebook. Currently, the feature is available for both the Android version 2.19.258 and iPhone version 2.19.92. This appears to be part of Facebook’s ambitious plan of unifying all its apps – Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. To enable the feature, tap on ‘share’ option in Status section of WhatsApp which will then expand to show you the apps one can share the status with. Select the ‘Share to Facebook Story’ option to post your WhatsApp Status directly to Facebook Story.

Fingerprint unlock

WhatsApp lets its users unlock the app with their phone’s fingerprint. WhatsApp lock for Touch ID and Face ID are available to the users in the stable channel while the same feature is under the beta programme for Android users. To enable WhatsApp’s fingerprint unlock feature, go to Settings menu and select Account > Privacy. Scroll down to last option ‘Fingerprint lock’ and enable ‘Unlock with fingerprint’ to start using the feature. Users can also choose to hide message content from notifications for fingerprint unlock on WhatsApp.

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