PUBG Mobile will soon let to drive a helicopter, combat vehicle and more: Report

Tencent Games recently revealed that it is working on a redesign of its Erangel map, bringing it closer to the new Erangel map on PUBG PC. It is unknown as to when we will get to see the new redesign. However, the game will soon get a new vehicle, which will allow them to navigate through the maps in a new way.

According to Mr Ghost Gaming, players will soon be able to fly a helicopter in the game. It will spawn on a helipad located on top of School in the Erangel map. The helicopter will be able to accommodate an entire squad. From the looks of it, the helicopter seems to be based on the real-life Boeing AH-6 light helicopter.

Another vehicle addition includes the BRDM military vehicle, which we first saw introduced in PUBG PC. The vehicle is not readily available and needs to be spawned by shooting a flare gun when outside of the safe zone. BRDM is a combat vehicle, which does not have a weapon of its own, however, it offers high durability against gunfire and can travel on land and water.

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