Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei Says Hongmeng OS ‘Very Likely’ Faster Than Android and macOS

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Soon when the U.S. government place Huawei on a trade blacklist, the Chinese company filed to trademark its in-house Hongmeng mobile software package (OS) and even started testing it in China. Now, Huawei’s founder has aforesaid in associate interview that Hongmeng OS is ‘very likely’ quicker than Google’s mechanical man and Apple’s macOS.

The Huawei chief additionally unconcealed that Hongmeng OS is meant to be a lot of versatile because it will run on a large vary of devices likesmartphones, routers, and information centres among others. However, he did underline that a potential departure from mechanical man are a serious blow.

Huawei’s founder and corporate executive, Ren Zhengfei, recently Sabbatum for associateinterview with French Magazine autoimmune disease purpose and talked a couple of wide selection of topics. once quizzed whether or notHuawei’s own Hongmeng OS is quicker than Google’s mechanical man and Apple’s macOS, his answer was “very likely”.

The Huawei chief, WHO recently admitted to purchasing iPhone handsets for relations, side that the home-grown Hongmeng OS was designed to be a lot of versatile than rival operational systems and may run on a large vary of devices. whereas he failed to specify however massive of a speed advantage Hongmeng OS has over mechanical man and macOS, his claim will add some fuel to reports that Huawei’s answer is around sixty p.cquicker than mechanical man.

“The system incorporates a process delay of butfive milliseconds. it’ll be dead custom-made to the web of Things and may even be applied to autonomous driving. we have a tendency toengineered this technique so as to be able toconnect all objects at the same time.

this is often however we have a tendency to move towards a sensible society”, Zhengfei was quoted as spoken language by Sina school(translated). He side that Hongmeng OS is compatible with smartphones additionally as computer circuit boards, switches, routers, and information centre computing machines.

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