Introducing native shopping ads by Amazon

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Introducing native shopping ads by Amazon

Amazon recently introduced native shopping ads like Google Adsense ads. Responsive and recommendation ads from users search products. Native Shopping Ads provide highly relevant and dynamic product recommendations in a stylishly designed and responsive ad unit that can be placed at the end of content or within the content to create a more compelling visitor experience and shopping opportunity.

 how do they work?

Amazon Native Shopping Ads are similar to AdSense in terms of showing contextual ads.

It shows relevant ads based on the page where ads are being displayed. Once you place the ad codes on your blog (you only need to do this once), it automatically scans the content of the page & displays products based on the keywords used within the article.

Amazon native shopping ads


Remember: Amazon also pays for other products purchased by your referred users.

To make it easy for you to understand, here’s an example:

  • Let’s say you have a visitor named Paul:
  1. Paul clicks on one of the ads (Native Shopping Ads) on your blog & goes to the Amazon site via your link
  2. He purchases any product on Amazon
  3. You get a commission of 4% – 8% (depending upon volume)

Now let’s say the product that Paul purchased cost $100:

  • 4% of $100: $4

This is a typical scenario. If Paul decides not to purchase the product recommended by you, but instead purchases 10 different products worth a total of $1000, you will still be earning 4% of his total purchase.

  • 4% of $1000: $40

You are earning $40 from just one referral.

In case you didn’t know, Amazon is the top e-commerce site in the world & their conversion rate is much higher than most every other e-commerce site.



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