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flatMap in RxJava basic introduction for Beginners

Observable.flatMap() takes the emissions of one Observable and returns the emissions of another Observable to take its place.

Here’s how it works:


query("Hello, world!")
    .flatMap(new Func1, Observable>() {
        public Observable call(List urls) {
            return Observable.from(urls);
    .subscribe(url -> System.out.println(url));

I’m showing the full function just so you can see exactly what happened, but simplified with lambdas it looks awesome:

query("Hello, world!")
    .flatMap(urls -> Observable.from(urls))
    .subscribe(url -> System.out.println(url));

Why is it returning another Observable? The key concept here is that the new Observable returned is what the Subscriber sees. It doesn’t receive a List – it gets a series of individual Strings as returned by Observable.from().


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